Rachel Budde is an herbalist and the creator of Fat and the Moon herbal bod care. Fat and the Moon is a primary branch of her herbal practice, as she sees external herbal medicine as a gateway for profound realizations of the efficacy of plant medicine. 

Rachel’s background is in fine art. She received a BFA from Pratt Institute, a MFA from Hunter College and has studied both Tibetan Thangka painting and Indian Miniature painting. Fat and the Moon is where Rachel’s skills as an herbalist and an artist converge. She creates self care products that are plant based and radically non-toxic- in terms of both ingredients and message.

Teaching the practical and magical aspects of plant medicine is another dimension to Rachel’s work with Fat and the Moon. She believes herbal knowledge is part of all of our ancestry, it is a tradition which connects us to our bodies and to the earth.

Herbal medicine is part of Rachel’s Slovenian heritage. Plant medicine is an essential thread in the cultural fabric of Slovenia. Rachel has been conducting ethnobotanical research in Slovenia for the last six years on the traditional Slovene uses of plant medicines. Her aim is to reconnect to the ancient wisdom of her heritage and to inspire others to do the same.

Rachel’s mentors and teachers include the ethnobotanist Kat Harrison, TCM practitioner William Morris and herbalist Joshua Muscat.  Rachel is trained in the somatic psychotherapeutic method, Hakomi. She has also been trained in the ceremonial practices of the Mazatec tradition, from Huautla, Mexico. She is currently continuing her education with Aviva Romm MD.

Rachel does one on one work combining these methods of practice. Please contact her on the contact page if you would like to work with her.